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how to synchronize telegram messages with sender

In Telegram, a "read receipt" is a feature that indicates when a message you've sent has been read by the recipient. It provides you with information about whether the person you sent the message to has seen and acknowledged your message. Here's how read receipts work in Telegram:

Single Grey Checkmark (✓): When you send a message, you will initially see a single grey checkmark next to the message. This checkmark indicates that the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's device.

Double Grey Checkmarks (✓✓): After the recipient has received the message on their device, you will see two grey checkmarks. This means that the message has been delivered but has not yet been read by the recipient.

Blue Checkmarks (✓✓): Once the recipient opens and reads the message, the grey checkmarks will turn blue. This change signifies that the message has been read by the recipient.

Read Status in Group Chats: In group chats, the read status is indicated by a blue checkmark appearing next to each participant's name who has read the message. This helps you see which members of the group have seen the message.

Privacy and Settings: Telegram allows users to customize their read receipt settings. You can disable read receipts in your privacy settings if you don't want others to see when you've read their messages. However, keep in mind that if you disable this feature, you won't be able to see when others have read your messages either.

Read receipts are valuable for communication because they provide you with information about the status of your messages, letting you know whether the recipient has viewed your message. This can be helpful in real-time conversations and can provide feedback on the engagement with your messages in Telegram.

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