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Telegram Members Adding Script | telegram auto add member

First of all, we must know what is Telegram member adder script 2022 and how it works. Friend, this script has been made using python language. More than half the code of this script has been taken from the website of telegram and telethon.

If you guys want to make your own script, then you have go to Google and request telethon to send the code and then you will see the code made by telegram using telethon. From where you can create your own script.

How telegram member adder script works.

Like we will add manual member to our group, save the member in our contact and then select the members and after that we will add it to our group. And if we want we can also do this work with python selenium. But Python selenium due to being very slow, takes a lot of time in adding members which we can also call waste of time.

But we can also do this work with Python command using telegram API and if we add member to a group with Python using telegram API then we can add member to our group very fast.

So friends, In this script We have used telegram API so using the script we add member to a group with fast speed.

You can see the script in the picture below.

Telegram member adder script 2022 Free Download

Telegram member adder script 2022

How to install python

Download First of all, we need to have window 10 in our computer to use the script. If you have window 10 in your computer then you have to install Python 3.10.3 version to install Python download Python from given link below.

💻 PC Requirements

Window 10

Ram 2 GB minimum

Any processor

Python install process

After python is downloaded double click on setup then tick ad path 3.10.3 after doing this you have to click on customize install then do next after that click on installed for all user and then install it

Python install will be according to your internet speed, It may take some time to install then Please wait for a minute. After installing click on the close Button and then. the process of installing Python. in PC is complete.

How to use telegram member adder script?

In the folder that you have downloaded you get to see a file named then do double click on the install file and let the installed all the modules which we need to use in the script.

What are the features in telegram member adder script?

Login Account, Ban Filter Member, Scrap Scrap By Day, Private Group, Scrap Delete, Already Multiple, Adding Start, Adding Leave Group,

Although there are many features of script but for group academic members and for us this features are enough. So friends we need multiple telegram accounts for members Academy. In a day we can add 20 to 50 members and after 24 hours we can again add member with the same account.

So let’s learn how we can use all of these.

1. Login account

Friends, first of all we have to login multiple accounts in the member adding script then to login multiple accounts open the folder and type all your telegram accounts with the country code In the phone file on which you have created a telegram account are example 91123456789

Start Login File From Main Folder.

Then save the file and come out the folder and start login account file then CMD type screen and will be open in front of you and after that you will get to see software activation key copy that key and go to After that go and paste the key in the post of the same script from which you have downloaded the script and request for activation, then your software will be activated in few seconds.

2. Ban filter

Friends after logging in all the accounts when we add a member to our group then there are many people among them who do not want to join any group. but still we add them to our group. due to that they report on telegram server against number from which you have added them to your group and because of that telegram bans or block your account.

And when we start adding members to our group on the next day that number be comes as a problem in front of us. so we have to find it and delete it from the phone file. but we waste a lot of time searching for that.

Remove Ban Number From Phone File

That’s why we created the Ban filter file so that we can get number banned by telegram from the phone file. And we don’t need to find the phone file manual.

when we start the ban filter file, it checks every single account in the phone file and the account which gets the ban removes it from the phone file and saves it as a Ban number file, so that’s why we use ban filter file

3. Member scrap

Friends After that when we feel that all our accounts are okay and no account is banned in our phone file, Then we need to add members to our group and with the help of member scrap file, we will copy any other group Members. so we copy the first number from the phone file and in the config we will replace the phone number this is that number with which we copy the members of another group.

After that, whose member is to be copied paste as a link in Front of From Group and after that in which group you want to add members paste it as a link in front of To Group and then save the file.

Start Member Scrap

After doing all this start members scrap file. Where it will ask about 1 or 2. There you have to press no. 1 and then press enter key from the keyboard.

So this file will copy all the members from where you want to and save it in data file.

4. Scrap by day

By the way friends, scrap by day file and scrap member file both are similar But with the help of scrap by day file we can scrap the last seen for member such groups at least from 2 days. So we can get real and active members in our group. Rest of the process is same with member scrap file.

5. Private group scrap

Friends, we have many such groups in which there are real and active members but the Owner of that group keeps his account private so that no one can copy and save the data in the file.

How to scrap the members from private group?

To scrap members from private group We first have to join the group with given config number And then when we start the private group scrap file Then the list of all the group That are joined by the number is made in front of us and in front of them we get to see counting and then from any group From which you want to copy member. Just type counting which is given in front of it and enter. So this file copies all the members and save them in the data File in this way We can copy private group members.

6. Delete already

After Member scraping we have to use delete already file this file match the data file with our group and the members those are already in our group then it will delete it from the data file but it takes time to complete it so wait till it show the Done if it’s not showing that done on cmd Wait for that you cannot turn for till it show done.

7. Memory file setting


8. Multiple adding

But in this we used to waste of time. So we created multiple adding files when we open multiple adding files it ask how many numbers do you want start just type the number how many numbers you want to add and press the enter release keyboard and mouse your adding will be start.


In this post we explained what is Telegram member adder script 2022 and how it works. Stay connected with us for more such interesting software

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