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Telegram Members Adding Software 2021

Latest Telegram Marketing software of 2021. with the help of this marketing tool you can grow your business through in online Market There are a lot of Software's available for telegram marketing but there are a lot of tools and software's are fake 👎

And doesn't works. And if in case the software's works then there are limited features and high prices and also need to pay monthly but our Telegram marketing software available for lifetime usage, it means you need to pay only at once and then you can use this Latest telegram Marketing software 2021 for Lifetime.

Telegram Targeted Members Adding

With the help of this tool You can Grow your telegram business. I mean, suppose You want to make a crypto Group and You want to grow your crypto group with Crypto Interested peoples.

So is it possible ? The Answer is Yes. For example there are some already available crypto community groups and those groups peoples/Members are very active and interested in that field and you want those all members into your group because those are interested peoples, so You can Add those all peoples into your own group and can start your own business.

with The Help of scraping option you can collect / Export Any Targeted Groups members and with the help of adding option you can add those all scrapped Peoples into own Group. Here I took Crypto Category for example, but you can scarp and add members from any group, any categorized group etc.

Demo video: (Software Price: 100$)

Software Features:

100$ For Lifetime Access + Complete Videos Tutorials About How to use this tool, how to scrap members from both Public and Private Groups and add them to your own both private and public groups, how to use proxy with this tool, How to filter users From File + Live Support and Buyers always allowed to DM anytime when They need help.

  1. Latest working tool of 2021 with Fast Adding Speed

  2. Easy to install with single click / Remotely installation By Admin.

  3. Remotely Guide with Anydesk/Team viewer Software

  4. 3-Professional Accounts Free to do Live Demo in Your PC To show its working.

  5. Unlimited Group Members Adder

  6. Proxy Option - You can use both Free and Paid Proxies

  7. Scrap Members From Public Groups

  8. Scrap Members From Private Group

  9. Scrap members with Filter Option

  10. Add Members To Public Groups

  11. Add members To Private Groups

  12. Need only Link of Private/Public Group for scraping and adding

  13. GUI Mode - Graphical user Interface

  14. You Can Select How many members You want to add Per Account

  15. You Can select How many accounts You want to run at same Time

  16. Accounts Rotation - It Auto switch accounts and add members

  17. Easy Account login - No need of API HASH and API ID ❌

  18. Just Enter Number and OTP of that Account ✔

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