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As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Telegram doesn't have a built-in system for "likes" and "reactions" in the same way that some other social media platforms do, such as Facebook or Instagram. Telegram primarily focuses on text-based communication, multimedia sharing, and group interactions. However, users can express their sentiments and reactions in the following ways:

Emojis: Telegram allows users to react to messages and content using a wide range of emojis. Users can simply tap the message they want to react to and choose an emoji from the selection to convey their feelings, such as a thumbs-up, heart, smiley face, or any other available emoji.

Stickers: Users can use stickers to add more expressive reactions to messages and content. Telegram offers a vast collection of stickers that can be sent as reactions in chats and groups. Stickers can be humorous, emotional, or thematic.

Text Replies: Users can reply to a message with text to express their thoughts, opinions, or reactions. This is often how users engage in discussions and provide feedback within Telegram chats and groups.

Voice Messages: To convey a more personalized reaction, users can send voice messages. This allows them to speak and express their feelings or thoughts in a more dynamic way.

Forwarding and Sharing: Users can forward or share messages, images, videos, or other content to their own chats or groups to show that they appreciate or find the content interesting. This is a way of indirectly expressing a positive reaction.

Silent Reaction: Users can choose to send a "silent" reaction, which means they react to a message without generating any notification. This is useful for quietly acknowledging a message without causing unnecessary disruption.

While Telegram's reaction system is different from the conventional "likes" and "reactions" found on platforms like Facebook, it still allows users to engage with content and express their feelings and opinions in various ways. Telegram's focus is more on user engagement and communication through multimedia and text-based interactions, as well as providing a versatile and expressive range of tools for these purposes. Please note that Telegram features and functionalities may have evolved since my last update, so it's a good idea to check the latest Telegram app for any new features or changes.

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