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Telegram Scraper and Adder - Telegram Member Scraper bot

Hey, my lovely 💕 Reader today in this video we are talking about Telegram Group scraper, Telegram Scraper also known as Telegram Scraper, and Adder which can scrap online and active members from any Telegram group.

Telegram Scraper and Adder
Telegram Scraper and Adder

Telegram Scraper

Unlocking Telegram Marketing Success with Telegram Scraper known as Telegram member scraper

Telegram Scraper: Your Path to Telegram Marketing Success

In the world of digital marketing, reaching the right audience can make all the difference. Telegram Scraper, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-based software, empowers you to tap into the immense potential of Telegram by extracting user IDs from other Telegram groups and seamlessly adding them to your own.

This cutting-edge tool allows you to build a highly customized niche audience, ensuring that your marketing efforts hit the bullseye.

Why Choose Telegram Scraper?

Gone are the days of relying on conventional Telegram targeting options that cast a wide net. Telegram Scraper enables you to pinpoint the most relevant users on the platform. But how does it work, and what sets it apart?

Adding Members Based on IDs:

Telegram Scraper has introduced a more practical approach by adding members based on numeric Telegram IDs rather than usernames.

This method leverages Telegram's API for groups and channels, allowing you to scrape user IDs with ease. The result? A success rate of almost 90% in scraping and adding members, compared to the meager 40% success rate when using usernames.

Versatility with Groups and Channels:

Telegram Scraper doesn't stop at groups, it also supports adding members to channels. how do add members to the Telegram Channel and What are the Correct Limits for adding Members to the Telegram Channel All are Explained in the post so to know more click on it >> View Post

Speedy Member Scraping:

With the premium version of Telegram Scraper, you can export Telegram members at an impressive rate of 20 to 40 members per minute.

No Limits on Member Scraping? :

When it comes to scraping members, the premium version of Telegram Scraper knows no bounds. You can scrape all the members you desire.

However, there's a daily limit on adding members, currently set per account 50 Members can be added so you need to use multiple Telegram accounts and Today used accounts can again be useable tomorrow.

Warning: Be Safe From Scammers [ False Claims ❌ ]

Some Scammer say their Software can add 6,000 per day per account and some say 200 Members per account, Lol 😂😂😂 what a Joke. These people are lying to you to just sell their tools don't believe them ❌. i Explained to you the correct limits and rules in this article.

Our Goal is to Get Honest and Trusted customers so we don't lie anything like others. if you have any doubts or need to buy any software for telegram marketing first discuss with us we ll guide you correctly.

because we have been in this field since 2018. and we are Real Developers and we know all the workings of Telegram So Stay Safe my lovely readers.

Is Telegram Scraper Legit and Safe?

Many peoples even give it for free but unfortunately, that doesn't works and is affected by telegram upgrades so those ll not works anymore.

Our Telegram Scraper opens doors to adding your competitors' audiences to your own group, expanding your reach ✅

It's a powerful tool for Telegram group organic growth. While it's available for Windows10/11 and all Windows RDP (32 to 64 bits),

No Coding Skills Required

Don't worry about coding skills, Our Telegram Scraper and Adder is designed for users of all levels. It offers to make Telegram marketing accessible to everyone.

How to Install and Use Telegram Scraper

Download Telegram Scraper from the official website and install it on your Windows computer. Log in with your Telegram account, input your group or channel link, and start adding members.

It's that straightforward. The latest 2024 update ensures Telegram Scraper's compatibility and speed with Telegram's API.

Telegram Scraper and Adder Video Tutorial

To Learn about more such as Our Telegram Group Member Scraper and Adder Software, its Features, and How it works? and Complete Explanation of our Telegram Scraper and Adder Click on the Below Give Link

If You have any doubts or Questions Related to our Software or Someone Else Softwares too Feel Free to contact us we ll guide you for free to know which tool is working correctly with current updates of Telegram Rules.

Thank You.💕

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