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Login to Telegram App using a Session - Login Telegram accounts from Sessions

Logging into your Telegram account on your computer or mobile device using a session file, especially with the Telethon module, can be a useful trick.

Sometimes, you might have logged in using the Telegram library called Telethon, but you can't access your account through regular Telegram App. However, you still have the session file, and you want to retrieve the login code (also known as OTP) required to log in.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Login Telegram accounts from Telethon sessions to Telegram App
Login Telegram accounts from Telethon sessions to Telegram App


1. You must have an active and functioning session created with Telethon for this method to work.

2. Our Script Called : "GET-OTP-SCRIPT" [ 20$ Only - BUY NOW ]

Video Tutorial for Login To Telegram Using Session.

Steps to Get the Login Code from a Session File to Log into Telegram

1. Place the Session File : First, take the session file you have and put it into the session folder of our script.

2. Run the Script: Execute the file in your script.

3. Enter Your Session Number : The script will likely prompt you to input the number associated with your session.

4. Attempt to Log in on Mobile or Desktop : Now, go to your mobile device or Telegram desktop application where you want to log in using that account. Try to log in but don't enter the OTP just yet.

5. Retrieve the OTP : When it asks for the OTP (login code), immediately switch back to your script.

6. Press Enter : Hit the Enter button in the script, and voilà! It will fetch the current and recent OTP or login code.

7. Enter the OTP : Now, take the retrieved login code and enter it into your Telegram app.

8. Successful Access : Congratulations! You've successfully accessed your Telegram account using the session file.

So, in simple terms, this is how you can log into your Telegram account when you have the session file but can't access it through the regular login process.

This method can be handy if you need to regain access to your account.

Thank You.

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