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Telegram Bulk Account Creator Software

Telegram Bulk Account Creator Software, one of the best Telegram Account Creator Software. Latest Telegram bulk Accounts Maker.

This Software Can Create A lot of Bulk Telegram accounts in a Short Time. There is no limit to Creating Accounts, and You can use this tool to make unlimited Telegram Accounts Automatically. All the created account Numbers are saved in a CSV file, and sessions will be stored in Session Folder Automatically.

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Telegram Bulk Account Creator Software

Telegram Bulk Account Creator Software is one of the best Software based on Telegram API. it Makes Telegram Accounts Automatically.

This Bulk Telegram Account Maker supports 6 website API's :

  1. [ LINK ]

  2. [ LINK ]

  3. [ LINK ]

  4. [ LINK ]

  5. [ LINK ]

  6. [ LINK ]

Telegram Bulk Account Creator
Telegram Bulk Account Creator

How bulk Telegram account Maker Tool Works?

It Supports 6 websites as we have mentioned above. so basically first you need to make your accounts on any of those websites and Topup / Recharge some balance. In Setting, there will be your API key for your account.

For example, if you make Your account on, then add some balance on After the goto setting there ll be your API Key so this API Key ll be used with the account maker software to make Telegram Accounts Automatically.

You just need to Run The Telegram Bulk Account Creator Software and Select [or any website you want to use].

then software gives you a configuration button click that and here put the API key that you got from the website. and Select Which Country Numbers you want and save it.

Now Just click Start to Launch it. It'll start working and automatically buy that particular country number from your selected website and send a request for OTP. and waits 2 minutes to fetch otp from the website.

As soon as otp arrives it Makes a Telegram account and Automatically Sets the Name, 2 FA Password, and saves all numbers in the phone.csv File, and saves all the created accounts with the sessions folder.

Here is video tutorial About how this Telegram Auto Account Maker Works.

It Makes Telegram Accounts sessions that are based on Telethon Module below is an example of the created telethon-based Telegram Accounts session

Telegram Account Sessions
Telegram Account Sessions

How to use Created Telegram Accounts Sessions

As I said before it is a telethon-based session so it can work with bots that are based on a telethon module for example on the market and our Telegram Software is also made using telethon.

It can work with tools like personal message sender or Telegram DM sender, telegram group Member Adder, Telegram Group Shilling Bot, Telegram forward Bot, Telegram Refer Bots, Telegram Fake conversation bot, etc.

how to use created accounts with any Telegram tool Or log in with Telegram App?

we have another tool called GetOTP that is 30$ cost for a lifetime, But if you buy a bulk account Maker this 30$ Tool ll be Free for you as our Offer.

How does GetOTP Tool work?

Now let's assume you have created Telegram accounts using our Telegram Bulk Account Creator Tool now you have sessions in the session folder so move those session files to GETOTP Tool's Session folder and run the GETOTP tool.

Now you can try to log in to any telegram account you created with any telegram app or any telegram tool. after you sent a request to log in there, then come back to get the otp tool and put the same number as you trying to log in, and hit enter, now you have the latest otp/login code so use it and log in that's all, it's a very simple task.

Telegram Auto Account Maker Features

  • Software Name: Flash maker

  • Price: 150$ For Lifetime with upcoming Free Updates + Live Support

  • Easy To use Graphical user Interface

  • Fully Automatic

  • Telethon Based sessions maker

  • Support websites API of,,,,,

  • Auto Buy number and maker accounts

  • Automatic Set Profile Picture

  • Automatic Set Account Name

  • Automatic Set 2-step password

  • Automatic Save number and sessions

  • have delay timing option to make Next Account

  • It makes sessions only

  • If number comes pre-banned from websites it ll auto-cancel.

  • If OTP doesn't come in 2 minutes it ll autocancel that number on-site and request with new number

A Telegram Mass Account Creator creates accounts fast by using this website's APIs to get the activation code and then saves the account session on Session Folder and Numbers in the phone file. so it can be used later either on the DM bot or on the Member adder bot. [Telethon based]

Thank You.


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