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Telegram Bulk Message Sender script | Telegram Bulk Messaging 2024

How to Send Bulk Messages to Telegram Group Members? How to Promote any business online using Telegram? what is Telegram Bulk Spammer or Telegram Bulk Sender, Telegram Bulk Sender Bot.

Let me explain to you in detail how this all system actually works my lovely Reader❤️️

read down Below and understand it correctly so you ll get some valuable and Correct Information. Let's Begin.

Telegram Bulk Sender Spam

Telegram Bulk Message Sender script
Telegram Bulk Message Sender script

Spam your messages to people's inboxes via Telegram Using the Telegram Bulk Message Sender script. Telegram Mass DM Bot, also known as Telegram Sender, Telegram DM Bot, and Telegram Personal Message Sender, is a tool for sending lots of messages at once on Telegram.

It's a great way to contact a specific/Targeted group of people. With this software, you can send a bunch of messages to members of a Telegram group automatically, and you don't need to be an admin to do it. Telegram Mass DM Bot uses Telegram's technology to collect usernames from other groups and send messages.

Sending messages to a large number of Telegram members by hand is very tough, almost impossible! That's why our Telegram Bulk Message Sender software is here to help. It lets you easily gather usernames from any targeted Telegram group and send them messages in bulk.

Telegram Sender - An ideal method for connecting with other members of a group. You can send many messages to members in a Telegram group all at once, without needing to be an admin. Telegram Sender uses advanced web technology to gather IDs from other groups or channels and send messages.

We all understand that sending messages by hand to thousands of Telegram members is extremely challenging! That's why our software is here to assist you in extracting an unlimited number of IDs from any Telegram group or channel and sending them bulk messages

Telegram Bulk Messaging Steps :

Step 1: Log in with Multiple Telegram Accounts

If you've heard claims that you can send thousands of direct messages on Telegram using just one account, that's not true. It's not possible.

To make this work, you'll need to log in with multiple Telegram accounts using our software. This is the first step, and you can find more details in our video tutorials.

Step 2: Set Up Messages and Configuration

In the configuration, you can choose which group you want to gather usernames from. You can also set the timing delay between message sending, specify how many direct messages you want to send from each Telegram account and customize your message details, including text, emojis, and media.

Step 3: Export Group Member UserIDs / Usernames

In the Telegram Mass DM Bot software, there's an option to scan and export the usernames of members from Telegram groups.

You can select active members from your target group, and the tool ensures there are no duplicate usernames. Telegram Bulk Message Sender is a versatile and powerful tool for this.

Step 4: Start Sending Messages

Now comes the final step. Just click a button to start sending your messages to the people you've collected from your target groups.

This will help you generate more traffic and potentially increase your sales. You can even use multiple Telegram accounts simultaneously, as it supports multi-threading

The Telegram Bulk Message Sender script is a great tool for Telegram marketing because it's automated. It's a great value for your money because we always provide free updates.

Some people also call it the Telegram Bulk Messaging or DM Sender or Personal Message Sender for Telegram, but we like to call it the Telegram Bulk Message Sender script.

No matter what you call it, this bot is the easiest and fastest way to connect with potential customers. to use this tool you don't need any kind of programming knowledge.

Telegram Bulk Message Sender script Features :

  • 120$ Only for Lifetime

  • Easy to install and everyone can use it easily

  • Lifetime Access with Free Possible Updates and Support.

  • Login Unlimited Telegram Accounts

  • Send Normal Text Messages [including, links, emojis, text, etc.]

  • send Media + Messages

  • Send / Forward posts of channels in DM

  • Send DM Using Usernames

  • Send DM Using Userids

  • Forward Using user IDs/usernames

  • Delay Timing to Send Each Message

  • Edit Delay timing as per your wish

  • Run Multiple Accounts at the same time

  • Scrap Private Group Member's usernames

  • Scrap Public Group Members' usernames with Active Members' Filter

  • spam checker and ban filter options available to check account status.

  • Video Tutorials + Support is Always Free for sure.

Thank You.

- my Lovely Readers..❤️️

- By HamzaXpro


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