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Telegram Group Shilling Bot - Telegram Shilling Bot - Telegram shill bot

Telegram Shilling Bot - Telegram Group Shilling Bot

A telegram shilling bot or Telegram group Shilling bot is a very useful and the best alternative to cost-effective Telegram Marketing. it helps you to spam Your ads/messages on telegram groups. Do Telegram Marketing as Telegram Shiller with your dedicated post continuously without putting much effort.

also known as the telegram spam bot or Telegram spammer

The reason why I am telling you why it is a very cost-effective Telegram marketing way to promote your Telegram Channel or Group or any ads on Telegram Groups by using the Telegram Shilling bot is explained in this post.

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what is telegram shilling?

Maybe you have questions like what is ads posting bot is, what is Telegram Shill Bot is, what is a Telegram Group message sender or what is Telegram group shilling bot?

so let me explain it first.

It is Telegram API Based software that allows you to spam your message (You can put your Telegram Group or Channel invite links, refer links, websites links, images, emojis, or any message as your wish) in Telegram Groups automatically with a fixed interval of time.

That’s why it is also referred to as the term Telegram Ads Posting Bot or Telegram Group Message Sender / Telegram Spam bot.

What Is the Difference Between Telegram Ads Bot and Telegram Bulk Message Sender?

Telegram Ads bot is also known as the Telegram Shilling bot as I explained above so don't get confused.

Telegram Bulk Message Sender and Telegram DM Sender bot is the same term that we used to send a message to people's personal inbox.

Many of my clients get confused with the Telegram Shilling bot and with the Telegram Bulk Message Sender bot but they are not the same. Let me differentiate between the Telegram Shilling bot and Telegram Bulk Message Sender

Telegram Shilling Bot

Telegram Ads Bot is for sending promotional messages to different groups (to list of many groups) with a particular time interval between each promotional. The best benefit you get while using this telegram Shilling software is that you need very less Telegram accounts for even mass spamming in groups.

you can even use a single Telegram Account to spam your promotional message in multiple Groups easily.

Telegram Bulk Message Sender Bot

Telegram Private Message Sender Bot [Telegram Bulk Message Sender] is for sending a promotional message to private chats of members scraped from the targeted groups.

In this telegram marketing software, we first scrap members from the targeted telegram groups, and then we send them private messages in bulk

To use this software you need multiple accounts for example 1 telegram account can send about 30 to 40 private messages in a day for sending 1000 private messages you need about 30 telegram accounts.

Telegram Group Shilling Bot Features

  • Software Name: TG Shilling Bot

  • ̶2̶5̶0̶$̶ / 120$ [ Limited time offer ]

  • Watch Shilling Bot Video Tutorial

  • used to spam/Spread text, links, media, tokens, etc in multiple groups

  • Telethon Module Based

  • 24/7 Loop Option Available

  • Auto-Joins All groups

  • Ban filter option Available

  • Spam Checker Option Available

  • You can send Normal Text Messages

  • You can send media+text Messages

  • Run multiple Accounts at the same Time

  • Send Messages to Multiple Groups

  • Puiblic/private modes

  • You can edit the delay timing between the joining of groups

  • You can edit the delay timing between sending messages to groups

  • You can edit the delay timing between Loop

Telegram Group Shilling Bot Video : BUY NOW

How does Telegram Group Shilling Work?

Telegram Group Members Capacity is up to 200,000 members so the telegram group has more active Telegram users than any platform making it a very one of the best platforms to promote your product or projects

So, if you start targeting those groups with our Telegram Marketing Ads Bot then you may boost your sales to the moon. Just think you have already a list of telegram groups and can spam a lot of messages in multiple groups similar to your product.

Why You Need Telegram Group Shilling Script?

Group ads posting software/tool/scripts can help you to grow your Telegram Channel or Group with a minimum budget than other types of Telegram Marketing. So lets us discuss more the benefits of having Telegram Ads Posting/Group Shllling Bot for your Telegram Promotion purpose.

Endless Ads Posting To Different Telegram Groups:

There are lots of Telegram Groups related to your topic/niche where you can run this Telegram group Message sender bot so members of those groups can join your Telegram Groups/Community when they see your ads post on another group chats.

Custom Setting To Shill Different Telegram Group In Different Time Intervals:

Our Ads Shilling Bot has an option where you can choose the time delay (time interval) in which the bot will spam your defined message in each group to manage the speed of sending to each targeted group. Support Almost All Type Of Content Formats

Our Telegram Ads bot supports Normal text messages along with images, gifs, videos, emojis, files etc

Which operating system does it support?

it supports windows operating systems, such as windows 10/11 and any windows servers. We'll even remotely guide/install for our clients and also setup them the bot for them on their windows server so the bot can run smoothly. Frequently Asked Questions Related To Telegram Group Shilling Bot

What Is Telegram Auto Post Bot?

Telegram Auto Post Bot is a telegram marketing software that helps you to send your promotional message to a list of different groups in loops as long as you wanted with a custom delay between each group sending What Is crypto shilling?

Crypto Shilling refers to the shilling of crypto tokens in different Telegram groups to create hype before the launch to make it more successful.

What Is Shilling In NFT?

NFT shilling is the process of shilling your NFTs Projects so you can attract more investors by posting your NFT promotional content on different Telegram groups.

Do I Have To Pay Some Monthly or Annual Fee For This Telegram Group Ads Bot?

All our software is available for a one-time payment policy only. So no, you don’t have to pay any extra monthly or annual fee after purchasing this bot.

Thank You.

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The software you created is a game-changer.24/7 shilling perfectly. thnx

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