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Telegram Account Generator Bot - Create Unlimited Telegram Accounts

Telegram Bulk Automatic Account Maker via Emulator, Telegram Account Maker, Telegram Account Generator unlimited using LDPlayer Emulator the best and Latest Telegram Account Creator bot.

What is Telegram Account Generator?

Telegram Account Generator is an Automation software to Generate Telegram Accounts Automatically. In other words, it Automatically Makes Telegram Accounts and it makes accounts ready to use.

Telegram Account Generator or Bulk Telegram Account Creator is a Software Designed By The Professional Software Developer Called HamzaXpro.

For Making Telegram Accounts Manually or Automatically you need Numbers to Make Telegram Account for that we use Virtual Phone Numbers Providers Platforms.

Trusted Virtual Numbers Providers

So Basically on the Internet, there are a lot of Numbers Providing Websites are present of course am Talking about Paid and Quality Websites, But These are Trusted and used by many users. such as Sms-Activate, Smspva, and 5sim Websites.

on These Platforms, you can get numbers from worldwide and based on All Social Media As well. So here we want Telegram Based Numbers to make Telegram accounts. and its Available on these 3 websites.

Prices are different on these 3 sites depending on Which Country Numbers You want.

Telegram Account Maker is Working?

Telegram Account Maker via API-Based is not working anymore ✘

Emulator-Based Telegram Account Creator Software is Working ✔

Emulator-Based Telegram Account Maker is Available To Purchase ❤ Read Below.

Because Telegram Stoped Officially Providing Signup options for Third Parties Applications. basically, till now All account makers were Created using Telethon and Pyrogram Module.

Unfortunately API Based Account Makers not working ✘ since February 18, 2023. We also own 6 Websites Based Bulk Telegram Account Makers based on the telethon. you can check it out here. but we not selling it because it not Working.

But Here is the Alternative Way to make Telegram Auto Account Makers Works that is Telegram Account Maker via Emulators. ✔

Automatic Telegram Accounts Creator Via Emulator ✔

Register Bulk Telegram Accounts Using Emulator. Create Unlimited Telegram Accounts Automatically using Emulator-based Automation Software. Below listed the Features of the Telegram Account Generator Bot. Features :

  • Works with LDPlayer Emulator

  • Easy-to-use Interface

  • 3 Websites API Integrated Sms-Activate, 5sim, and Smspva

  • Automatically Purchases Numbers from the websites

  • Automatically Cancel Number if numbers are Invalid/Banned

  • All 3 Websites' Country Codes are Available

  • Single Click ADB Server Starter

  • Single Click Device ID Finder

  • Every Actions Delay Timing is Editable

  • Save Configuration one time only.

  • Just one Single Click and it Starts Making Telegram Accounts Automatically

  • After Making Telegram Account in Emulator it Converts to Telethon Session

  • Saves Created Account Numbers in Phone file

  • Saves History in the History Folder of All Websites Seperatly

  • Dark Mode and Light Mode Available

  • Additional Bad Session Separator / Restore / More Options.

  • Additional Telegram Menu

  • Accounts Checker

  • Works Faster

  • Updates will be Free

Requirements :

  • Processor: Minimum i3/i5

  • Platform: Windows 10/11 ,Windows RDP

  • RAM: Minimum 8GB

What We Provide After You Purchase Software : We Dont Ask for any monthly Charges ✘ Just One Time Payment Only.

  • LDPlayer9 Installer

  • Specific Python Language

  • ADB Server Tools

  • Account Maker Software

  • Free Installation Service

  • Free Upcoming Possible Updates

  • Free Support

  • ➜ Complete Tutorial

Telegram Account Maker with Emulator Installation Guide.

have Explained Every Single Detail about how to install Language, ADB Tools, Emulators, and Telegram Account Maker Software. Visit The Below Article If You Already Bought our Bulk Telegram Account Maker via Emulator Software then this Article is Specially For you. ➜ READ MORE BELOW

Telegram Account Creator via Emulator Installation Guide.

Now below we have Explained Every Single Detail about how to install Language, ADB Tools, Emulators, and Telegram Account Maker Software.

Continue Reading Below If You Already Bought out Software then this Article is Specially For you.


If you skip any of these videos Tutorials or if you skip any single second from the video you may face problems in installing and running the software so please watch the all Full Videos. [These Videos Are very Short like 1-2 Minutes only ]

Step 1: Install Python Language :

Watch The Below Video Tutorial And Install Python with Exact Installation Process.

Step 2: Install Platform Tools [ADB]

Watch The Below Video Tutorial And Install Platform Tools with Exact Process.

Step 3: Install LDPlayer9 with Installer File

Watch The Below Video Tutorial And Install LDPlayer9 with Exact Process.

Step 4: LDPlayer9 Emulator Settings Watch The Below Video Tutorial And Do the Exact Settings in Your LDPlayer9 Emulator Too.

Step 5:Install Telegram Account Creator Tool

Watch The Below Video Tutorial And Do the Exact Installation and Settings in the Configuration File and in LDPlayer9 Emulator.

After watching all the above Videos I assume You have Installed Telegram Account Generator or Telegram Account Maker Software and its all Requirement Packages and Tools.

Now You are Ready to use Our Autometic Telegram Account Creator Software with LDPlayer Emulator!

Here is the Video About How to use Telegram Account Creator Software.

in this video am using the sms-activate virtual numbers provider's website to auto-buy numbers from the platform and automatically makes telegram accounts via an emulator and convert them into a . Sessions format.

How to Create Bulk Telegram Accounts Automatically via Emulator

Thank you.

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